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Cactus 50

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Cactus dries resin fast!

How the remarkable Super Dryer has revolutionized resin drying to save you time and money !

    Cactus Machinery has revolutionized plastic resin drying. Desiccant and Compressed air dryers take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the material. The Cactus Super Dryer will accomplish the same results in 30 minutes! Cactus has manufactured the Super Dryers since 1982, and has many thousands of Superdryers throughout the world. The benefits of the Cactus don't stop there! Energy savings, consistent quality and the fastest material changes are made easy using the Cactus Super Dryers.

    Dry Material in 30 Minutes. Impossible? Cactus has been hearing this, and other similar phrases for over 23 years.  It has been proven by G.E. We have outfitted some of the finest molders plant wide, such as Eaton Corp., Nypro and Abbott Laboratories, to name a few.

    Quick Color changes and fast startup. Color and material changes have never been faster. Simply clean the Cactus add new material or color, and in 30 minutes start production. No need to wait 2 - 4 hours. Machine start up is a breeze by the time your machine is up to temperature the Cactus Super Dryer is ready with dry material.

    Other uses for the Super Dryer is as a final dryer on a centralized drying system where it takes care of any moisture picked up during the transport from the central dryers to the Molding Machine.

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